Volunteer Park Water Tower

Executive Committee

  • Douglas Bayley
    Chairman Volunteer Park Trust
  • David Dougherty
  • Eliza Davidson
    Advocacy Chair, National Association for Olmsted Parks (NAOP)
  • Brooks Kolb
    ASLA, Past-President, Friends of Seattle's Olmsted Parks (FSOP)
  • Winky Hussey
  • Jennifer Ott
    Friends of Seattle's Olmsted Parks (FSOP) President and Liaison
  • Nancy Iannucci
  • Kathryn Fleischer
  • Kenan Block
  • Barb Herrington
  • Ellen Look

Sponsored BY:

Seattle Parks FoundationSeattle Parks and Recreation


  • Sally Bagshaw
    Seattle City Council
  • Christopher Williams,
    Director Seattle Parks and Recreation
  • Thatcher Bailey,
    Executive Director Seattle Parks Foundation
  • Kay Bullitt
  • Ellen Ferguson
  • Stone Gossard
  • Jean Walkinshaw
  • Douglas Raff
  • Martha Kongsgaard
  • Carrie Culp
    President, Washington Chapter, American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Judith Whetzel
  • Alma Kimura
  • Patricia Baillargeon
  • Alan and Sally Black
  • Tim and Margot Hill
  • Lucius and Phoebe Andrew

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